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From Graham Blair, Reeve

Township of Wollaston

For many years, for many people,

Wollaston Township has been a

hidden gem. It’s a place to get

away from the distractions of life

in the city and to have some fun

and adventure.

In Wollaston Township we’re

practical people. We’ve got

lakes so we use them for boating,

fishing and swimming. We love

to share our public beach so it’s

well equipped for visitors with

washrooms, picnic areas and a

great sandy beach for the kids.

Our commercial centre, the

Hamlet of Coe Hill, offers great

places to eat, shop, visit and to

experience the abundance of art

that this region inspires. Even our

yard sales have a special charm.

And when you’re in Coe Hill, if a

car horn honks, chances are it’s

just someone saying hello.

We’re a community that

loves to visit. From the Coe Hill

Fair to events at our Legion to our

renowned Warrior’s Day event,

we’re a community that likes to

entertain the whole family. We’re

always looking for an opportunity

to visit. We’ll start a conversation

at the liquor store, at the Post

Office, on the street; it’s just our

way of catching-up and sharing

a kind word.

When you’re done visiting

and feel ready for a more rugged

experience, just take a few steps

off our main street and you

have trails, conservation areas

and backroads to explore. With

our beautiful landscapes it’s

like stepping into a Group of 7

painting in all its glory.

So take your time, feel

welcome and enjoy everything

Wollaston Township has to offer.

You’ll meet some of the nicest

people and have some of the

best adventures you can ever

imagine. Welcome home to

Wollaston Township.


Graham Blair, Reeve

Township of Wollaston

From Sharon Carson, Reeve

Township of Limerick

Welcome to Limerick Township!

Limerick Township is con-

veniently located one hour North

of Belleville along the Highway 62

corridor. Thequaint little township

is heavily forested and boasts

beautiful lakes with pristine

shorelines and an abundance of

activities for outdoor enthusiasts

in all seasons. Whether you

choose to stroll or ski the marked

trails through the McGeachie

Conservation Area, take a ride

on your skidoo or ATV along

the Hastings Heritage Trail, go

fishing or canoeing on one of

the many beautiful lakes in the

area, spend the day swimming at

the beach on Steenburg Lake or

have a picnic in Centennial Park

in downtown St. Ola, the peace

and tranquility of our Township

will astound you.

Historic downtown Ormsby

offers you the opportunity to

take a step back in time and

dine in a fully restored one

room school house, complete

with oil lamplight, old radio

programming and the warmth

of a crackling woodstove over

high tea. While you are there,

make sure to visit the fully

functional mercantile where

goodies, treats, delicacies and

one of a kind gifts and furniture

items fill the store to the rafters.

There is something unique for

every cottage and homestead!

Experience the vibrant history of

Limerick Township first hand and

take a little piece of it home with


If you are considering a visit

to the township, you will find it to

be a warm and welcoming place.

Our beautiful rural spaces, the

peaceful nature of our area and

active citizen involvement make

Limerick Township a friendly

and caring community. You may

never want to leave once you

experience the warm hospitality

of our business owners and

residents first hand!

The Council, Reeve and staff of

the Township of Limerick are

ready to welcome you to our

community and invite you spend

time enjoying everything we

have to offer! We look forward

to seeing you soon!

Sharon Carson, Reeve

Township of Limerick

We have several small

hamlets, and many lakes and

rivers. The area has fishing,

boating and swimming to name

a few of the activities to partake

during the summer months.

During the winter months,

snowmobiling, snow shoeing

and ice fishing are prevalent.

Four wheeling is a year round

activity as well.

There are other beautiful

sights in the township. The

wildlife is breathtaking during the

winter months, most especially

in the deer yard located in the

hamlet of Millbridge. It is not

unheard of to see upwards of

one hundred white tails coming

from all directions to feed on hay

and grain provided by the local


If you stop your vehicle, four

wheeler or snowmobile on any

of our roadways or trails you are

apt to see some form of wild life

be it a squirrel, a turkey, a deer

or possibly even a black bear or


If you are in the mood for a

drive through some beautiful

country roads or just have a

cool swim at the public beach

on Gunter Lake we will welcome

you to our township with great


Wanda Donaldson, Reeve

Township of Tudor and Cashel

From Wanda Donaldson,

Reeve, Township of

Tudor and Cashel

Welcome to the Township of

Tudor and Cashel.

Our Township is located in the

southern most section of North

Hastings and has a population

just shy of six hundred families

consisting of approximately one

half permanent residents and

one half seasonal residents.

Our Community Centre is located

in the hamlet of Gilmour. It is

the hub for a variety of weekly

activities, such as low impact

aerobics, and euchre games,

seasonal dinners, children’s

activities and a July 1st brunch

to celebrate Canada Day. All

are welcome to share in the


The Community Centre also

boasts a library and a satellite

office for the Centre Hastings

Family Health Team. Medical

services are provided every

Tuesday afternoon year round.

We are a municipality that

respects our past, our diversity,

and our environment while

embracing the future. Our

residents are warm hearted,

and generous people that

welcome the opportunity to meet

tourists and share the history

and resources of our wonderful

township. Come visit us, enjoy

our hospitality combined with

the quiet and natural sounds

of nature, pristine beauty and

experience the things we love

about our municipality.

Bonnie Adams, Reeve

Township of Carlow/Mayo